Beate Allerton

My work is inspired by my love of being in and exploring the natural world from a sense of deep connection to nature as a source of nourishment and balance.

My creative process is shaped by my mindfulness practice, of being present and open to the moment, my appreciation of nature as the provider of our existence and my enquiry into our place within the natural environment, in which I often contemplate the varied inner landscapes of the human mind as well.

Using a palette of different techniques I creates vibrant, abstract digital art, designs and fine art photos and photo collages. I love colours, textures, structures, noticing the usually unseen elements within nature from a different perspective.

It is well documented that colours have a psychological effect on us and the wellbeing effects of nature and the environment have also been documented. The Japanese have the wonderful practice of Shinrin-Yoku or ‘Forest Bathing’, in essence a mindful walk in the forest, which has demonstrated that exposure to nature has highly positive effects on our psychological states which I am sure many of us living in the countryside know already.

Many of my pictures are accompanied separately by my poems, usually in form of haiku, in order to enhance the message of the picture further. Visitors have frequently commented on the meditative and vibrant quality of my work.

I use my landscape photography to illustrate local scenic walks, previously published in a Walk Aberdeenshire Calendar which combined photos and walk descriptions. I am planning a new calendar for 2018 plus a range of post cards/greeting cards with associated walks.

I have exhibited during North East Open Studios and will do so again this year. As a collaborator I contributed work to the Breathless Breastless Project exhibition in 2014 including the Tree of Life installation which combined the poems and texts of breast cancer survivors with my new artworks into one unique final piece. One of my pictures was selected for the first round of the Royal Academy summer exhibition, others were highly commended in an online art gallery competition; a number of art works and poems have been published in Pushing Out the Boat literary magazine. My picture Castillo Rojo was recently to feature on the cover of Causeway Literary Magazine.

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