Beate Allerton
My mission:
  • to help you make beautiful products by creating original patterns, illustrations and colors for you that bring joy, delight and wellbeing to your customers' everyday lives.

My story:
My name is Beate Allerton and I am a surface pattern designer and owner of of Gaianami Studio, based in the beautiful countryside of Aberdeenshire, Scotland and neverending source of inspiration.

I am passionate about creativity and helping make everyday life a bit more more joyful, seeing my designs as wee tokens of happiness that instill a sense of wellbeing and connection.

My design inspiration is founded in my love for nature and this world as a source of wellbeing which is also reflected in my logo. I love going into the hills for a walk or go for a run around our local castle estate, I enjoy travelling and exploring other landscapes and cultures, especially historical cultures, and I enjoy practicing mindfulness, yoga and Qi Gong.

My pattern creation tool kit consists of pencils, graphic pens and paper, Wacom graphics tablet, camera, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.