Beate Allerton
I am a surface pattern designer based in the beautiful countryside of Aberdeenshire. My creative journey has taken me from photography and a successful freelance writing career (food, kids' crafts, travel) to discovering the awesome powers of Photoshop and creating digital art to Adobe Illustrator and vector design.

I am a very tactile person and have always loved textures and patterns in nature, food and other cultures. Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated by how people in the past lived their daily lives, how they decorated their homes, the clothes and jewellery they wore and the food they ate which led me to studying social history.

My first memorable encounter with pattern design was living in Calgary, Canada which had me literally swoon over the huge selection of beautiful scrapbooking papers available in craft superstore Michaels; I used the papers as backgrounds for my food photography as well as my children's craft articles at the time. But in the back of my mind a seed was planted.

Through editing my articles in Photoshop I gradually discovered the unlimited possibilities for digital art and gradually moved into that field creating giclee prints that incorporated a lot of blended textures. However, I still had a niggling feeling that it wasn't quite what I was looking for. I wanted my work to represent fun and playfulness in a way that is accessible , affordable and practical. And I still found myself swooning over beautiful giftwrap, scrapbook papers as well as beautifully designed home decor items.

So I started to investigate how one could get into designing surface patterns and I am now a proud graduate of the Make it in Design online course, modules 1,2,3 . I have also studied the Pattern It Up online course with microstock expert Oksancia Textile Design Studio.

My designs explore the wonders of nature, colours, abstracts and folklore in a playful way, from hand drawn sketches to joyful, flowing patterns and illustrations. I love using textures and overlays that give patterns more depth and add a little more fun or unusual elements. I want my designs to brighten up your daily life in the same way that I feel when someone gives me a beautiful note book or a present wrapped in gorgeous giftwrap.

Three words to describe my work: vibrant, playful, colorful.

My tools are: pencils, graphics pens, camera, graphics tablet, desktop and Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.